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Dani B

Los Angeles, CA

dani b
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Heavenly Gospel Vocalist Dani B part of the infamous 80s Hip Hop Legendary Band "The Knights of the Turntables" with her husband Lil Rockin G. She has been in the Music business for over 30 years entertaining 1000's of fans across the USA, and soon to Tour Europe in the coming year..

Her vocal talents have lead her to have had 4 #1 hits across varied genres including Gospel/Electronica, Dubstep, House, and Breaks Charts showing the diversity of her angelic voice..

Dani has released her current Video of "All Believers" to complement her current '#1 Hit single.

The Future is Bright for this our Star Artist at Bad Habit Muzik

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Dani B is available for Studio Vocal work, & Live Appearences.