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Tribe Steppaz aka Prime Mover is a multi-national production team consisting of American Tasha (Las Vegas/Cleveland) & UK native Cridge of 'Up Bustle & Out' (best known for their 7 Ninja Tune Albums). Between the two of them they have been releasing both Vinyl, CD’s, & Digital Downloads on numerous labels worldwide since 1994.

Tribe Steppaz/Prime Mover music has received support by some of the scene's biggest names, and has been charted both stateside and in the UK, including hitting #3 on the UK DMC dnb chart for their 'Star Wars' remix on dj SUV's Bootshake Records (12' vinyl)[2006], and a #2 spot for the team's 'Killa Army' tune on Tasha's Pound Recordings (12' vinyl)[2007]. More recently the duo hit #1 on T.I.D. chart in London for both sides of their newest Future Jungle release on Bad Habit Muzik(UK). For 3 weeks “Slabba Gabba” & “Circa Rave ’94” traded the #1 & #2 spots until “Slabba Gabba" fell to #11 in week four while “Circa Rave” maintained a close #2.

Tribe Steppaz were recently featured on the Foundation drum&bass label, DJ SS’s Formation Records. “Klash Army” was featured on the "WODNB Miami WMC LP” among tunes from D&B staples like Drumsound&Bassline Smith, Mampi Swift, DJ SS, Blokhe4d, Sub Zero & more. Next up are forthcoming releases on Bad Habit Muzik(UK), Future Jungle, Dubstep & Drum&Bass, as well as several projects sorted for Tasha’s own labels Rockers Dub, Rockers175, Pound Recordings -

On the dj front the pair have been dj’ng over 20 years each, and have developed their own respective styles of mixing around a spectrum of genre’s. Cridge can be found dj'ng around the world as Up, Bustle, & Out or with his Residency at the legendary UK raves "Fantazia", while Tasha represents the legendary "Formation Records", "World of Drum&Bass", & America's largest drum&bass crew "MIA". Tasha is also heading up the stateside expansion of Formation Records with DJ SS which is launching after the release of Tribe Steppaz USA Album mix of the newest Formation LP "Back To Jungle". The new brand, "Formation Records USA" will feature a new line of music, merchandise and podcasts showcasing stateside and current Formation Records talent.

Together the pair has had a string of #1 selling tracks in several genres and are both skilled dj's, which after 20 years of experience each... are just getting started.

Aug DJ Mag Review Breaks & Bass Tribe Steppaz - "Touch Me" Bad Habit Muzik

"Ravey 140bpm breakbeat with diva vox, lush piano stabs and the gnarliest of low-end. Las Vegas-Based Tribe Steppaz have turned out one for the serious early '90s throwback brigade." - DJ MAG

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