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Founded in 2000 by Chris Nurding. Based in London/France, with agents in America, we have been hosting events since 2000 and evolved into a full service Record Label in June 2012. Our diverse roster of producers have put us in a position to showcase a spectrum of genres which include: House - Garage - Breakbeat - Future Jungle - Electro - Hip Hop - Dubstep and Trap Music..

We have had Huge Success with 21, #1 hits across the House - Breaks and Dubstep Charts.

Representing artists in the USA - DANI B & LiILROCKIN G [of the Knights of the Turntables] in California - BRANDON MORALES in Miami - DJ CURIOUS(CRS?) in L.A. - MEGAHURTZ in Detroit - TRIBE STEPPAZ in Baltimore, and featuring STRANGE ROLLERS - 100Me - DA BOYZE in the UK..

We have had a West Coast Tour of America where we showcased the Future Jungle / 140 Breakbeat sound in 2013 taking in LOS ANGELES - LAS VEGAS - SAN DIEGO, as well as Radio Station guest mixes on Radiobomb KPFK Santa Monica, and the Revolution Show in Los Angeles.

Our Club nights have been in London & Brighton, as well as hosting rooms for the UKs biggest nights with PURE SCIENCE in Kent.

With radio play worldwide, our artists/songs are being played by all the top djs [including DAVID MORALES - HECTOR ROMERO - TERRY FARLEY - GRAHAM GOLD - SOUL AVENGERS and many more] from Ibiza to the west coast of America, Bad Habit represents a future sound loved by many..

The Bad Habit Family Team are consisted of Chris Badhabit and Rob Dunphy in the UK/France. In the USA George Ybarra L.A., Shahram in Detroit, and Tasha in Baltimore. We are currently working on another Tour of the USA and showcasing our artists worldwide..